New Kitten Visit Overview

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1st Kitten Visit Overview

Here is a brief summary of what was reviewed by the technician at your first kitten visit.
Please always feel free to call if you have any questions!

FeLV/FIV testing:
Do ASAP/ before introducing your kitten to other cats. 
Highly contagious viruses that can negatively impact quality and quantity of life!

Big 4 companies – Purina, Iams, Royal Canin, and Hills. 
Make sure to feed your kitten a variety of flavors, textures, dry food, canned food, and small amounts of people food weekly.  This is to make it easier to adjust the diet later in life if needed for health reasons or weight loss. 
Try treats and pill pockets!
Also get them used to the pill popper (cheese whiz/lick, then eventually food as “pills”). 

Litter box:
Make sure sides are not too tall, litter is not too deep
Make sure box is properly taken care of – scooped at least daily, full change weekly, full clean monthly.

No string toys without supervision! 
Encourage active toys to burn energy. 
Do NOT use body parts as play objects – skin is off limits, can’t play with your hands under the covers and then get mad when they attack your feet under the covers at night! 

Kitten Proof Your Home:
No access to crawl spaces, holes in screens, etc. 
Many houseplants can cause stomach upset or worse can be toxic. 
Foreign bodies can be life threatening and require risky surgery – buttons, ribbons, hairbands, rubberbands.

Body Language:
Ears go back = hands go away!
Purring does NOT always equal happy. 

Environmental Enrichment:
Give your cat three dimensional climbing and resting places. 
Provide scratching posts – horizontal and vertical. 

Get them used to the carrier. 
Bring it out at random times –not only when coming to the vet or groomer!
Leave it in the sunshine and make it comfortable.

Get them used to different people (ages/genders/etc) and things (car rides, fans, dishwasher, etc.). 
Get them used to their name!


Need 2 negatives for kittens (due to life cycle, first can be a false negative/look normal but really they are there) then twice yearly monitoring. 
Some intestinal parasites can pass to people (zoonotic) and cause serious illness in the eyes/abdomen/brain/etc. 
Keep on Revolution year round – protects against major intestinal parasites, fleas, ear mites, and heartworm. 

Spay and Neuter!  Prior to 6 months is best for numerous health and behavior reasons!

Ideally Keep Indoors!

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