New Puppy Visit Overviews


1st Puppy Visit Overview

Here is a brief summary of what was reviewed by the technician at your first puppy visit. Please always feel free to call if you have any questions! 419-836-7766

Big 4 companies – Purina, Iams, Royal Canin, and  Hills Science Diet
Try treats and pill pockets!
Offer canned and dry food. 
Feeding schedule – 2 to 4 times daily depending upon age/size.  We don’t recommend free choice or once daily feeding.

Take your puppy outside after playing, sleeping, eating, and coming out of crate. 
Take outside on a leash for immediate reward/verbal.
Don’t always give a treat. 
Bell on the door – so they can tell you
Direct supervision or in the crate!
Reward or Reprimand within 3-5 seconds and then too late!

Crate Training:
VERY helpful for housebreaking but also SAFE place! Your house is full of hazards!
Make it comfortable and small enough they don’t go to the bathroom in it! 
Special treats or toys or radio if needed to make it more enjoyable. 
Never for punishment!

Get them used to different people (ages/genders/etc) and things (car rides, windshield wipers, bikes, vacuum, etc.) with lots of positive reinforcement (treats, praise, petting)!
Make sure to expose to children, especially if there aren’t any in the home!

Home Handling:
Play with ears, feet, nails – touch everywhere!
Brush teeth once adult teeth erupted (not before – pain) but open mouth/touch teeth as a puppy.

Recommend obedience classes for all puppies – big and small. 
Skin is off limits!
Don’t let them get away with now what won’t be acceptable as an adult

Need 2 negatives for puppies (due to life cycle, first can be a false negative/look normal but really they are there) then twice yearly monitoring. 
Some intestinal parasites can pass to people (zoonotic) and cause serious illness in the eyes/abdomen/brain/etc. 
Keep on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention year round. 
Heartworm prevention is also for intestinal parasites – therefore this is to keep your puppy and your family safe! 

Spay and Neuter! Prior to 6 months is best for numerous health and behavior reasons!


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